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Hello world!

I'm a PhD student at the University of Haifa at the faculty of Computer Science. Under the supervision of Dr, Dan Rosenbaum Until recently I was a research student at Intel Haifa for seven years. During, I completed my BSc (at the Technion) and MSc (at the university of Haifa) advised by Prof. Hagit Hel-Or

I'm also a part of the DSRC (Data Science Research Center), Haifa.

My reseach Interests are Computer vision, Deep learning Generative model for view synthesis, 3D scene understanding with deep learning. 

In my spare time, I play tennis, draw (check out my collection), read books, hit the gym and cook delicious meals.

Recent projects


Painter By Numbers


Solving the Kaggle competition "Painters by Numbers" using Siamese Convolutional Neural Network.

Solution is public on github

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